Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Move to Data Science

Data science will drive the Moore's law of innovation for the years to come. Based on this prediction, I reinvented myself to be a data scientist after 11 years in the safety critical systems industry. My 11 year career thus far is marked with my ability to lead change through creating a technical vision and executing it diligently alongside a talented team. Now, I am excited by the prospects of engendering change through data science to create data products or services that has the potential of reinventing the way we live our daily lives.

Big data is often misunderstood as simply storing lots of data for the purpose of performing correlations and basic statistical analysis to uncover interesting structures or relationships in the data. Although this is part of it, its not the major reason. The larger reason why big data is becoming very important is due to the emergence of machine learning as the next evolution of computing. Instead of the traditional expert systems approach where human experts input their expertise into a computer, machine learning is where the computer is taught to learn and adapt from large amounts of data. As systems grow in complexity and the speed of change increases, the paradigm needs to move towards a more adaptive paradigm. Hence the emergence of Machine Learning as the key motivation for Big Data.


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