Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Commenting on the Web

Everything on the web is now "commentable". Notice that user comments, ratings, likes and moderating has become not only common place but necessary to maintain user participation and interest. People will be interested if they have input into the site. Creating an environment that allows users to contribute to the content and view the effectiveness of their contribution is necessary for websites to maintain their relevance.

I looked at Disqus which is probably the leading commenting engine provider that is used on huge websites such as CNN and MTV. Although the behind the scenes complexity to enable this engine is enormous (as you can see here - ), the user experience has much to be desired. I feel that a revolutionary new method is necessary to enable this participation to the fullest extent. It seems that current commenting engines only provide the ability to present comments and maybe 2 levels down in terms of a discussion tree.

More on this after I come up with a better solution...

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