Monday, July 12, 2010

Is Suffering something to be Avoided?

Socialistic economic policies are based on the premise that by shielding the masses from economic downfall, we somehow save the hard work that the masses have put into the economy. This I believe is an incomplete reasoning. If the masses made poor decisions that in part caused the economic downfall, then it is rightfully just that they experience the penalty.

This comes to my next point - suffering is not something we should try to avoid, rather we should endeavor to overcome it. If none of us suffered for our mistakes, would we really learn from these mistakes? I do not believe so. Based on my experience, the success stories more often than not, come from people who have suffered in their past rather than ones who had the easy way through. Happiness comes from wanting what you have. If you suffered to get what you have, you would want it all that more!

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